Pilot: You Eat Funny

Black and white illustration of a stylish young man and woman consuming hot beverages at a hot soda fountain. A glass globe full of hot liquid is next to them.
Normal people from the past hangin’ at the hot soda fountain (H.S.F.)

Image source: Southern Pharmaceutical Journal, Aug., 1914,

This podcast has dropped like a mug of soda fountain bouillon that’s too hot to handle!

Thank you for checking out the pilot of my podcast. Here, as promised, are some of the main sources I used when researching this episode.

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In the wind

Fill one or two1 Or, if you’re able, three. of your nostrils with air.

Do you smell that? It’s the scent of a soon-t0-be-released podcast. And it’s going to change history as we know it.

This series is about the Strangeness of Now. It’s about how, when you start to explore genuine history, you learn vital things about yourself.

As of right now, a few episodes have already been recorded. A few select awesome folks have heard and provided feedback on preview versions.

The podcast’s release can no longer be averted. The Rubicon has been crossed. The cat is out of the bag. The die has been cast. Admiral Vernon (1684–1757) has already printed out the medallions celebrating his imminent victory over the defenses of Cartagena de Indias2The siege of Cartagena was a major campaign during the War of Jenkins’ Ear (1739–1748). And yes, that’s the actual name of that war. led by the one-armed, one-legged Spanish Admiral don Blas de Lezo (1689–1741).

No wait, that last one is a bad example. Vernon actually got his butt handed to him at Cartagena.3Metaphorically.

Whoa! So we haven’t even published the podcast yet and you’ve already learned a vital life lesson: Never make commemorative victory souvenirs until you’ve actually won the battle.

This and many, many other life-changing insights are being carried on the breeze and coming your way.

Stay tuned.

— Doug Sofer, Ph.D, Semi-Professional Caster of Pods

Spanish Admiral don Blas de Lezo kneeling before English Admiral Vernon.

Image source: Wikipedia
  • 1
    Or, if you’re able, three.
  • 2
    The siege of Cartagena was a major campaign during the War of Jenkins’ Ear (1739–1748). And yes, that’s the actual name of that war.
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