#9: You’re Too Loud!

Reflecting Trumpet” by John Conyers, 1678. Is it just me or does this look like a star-bellied sneech is about to pop out of this thing?

Source: Royal Philosophical Society, London, Philosophical Transactions, No. 141 (Sept.–Nov,, 1678), 1027–1029. At

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Classical amphitheaters & urban media

Speech by Herochshe of the Kansa (Kaw) nation

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Classical & other early megaphone tubes

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Classical & other early megaphone tubes

The auxetophone

Sound files created and/or recorded by other people


#8: You Ask Leading Questions

Leadership Advice from the Past: Make Sure Your Shoes Are On Point!

Source: Century Company, The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language, William Dwight Whitney, Supervisor (New York: Century Company, 1911), 4656. .

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Clothing & Sumptuary Laws

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Spanish Colonial Officials

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  • The main Spanish theorist of government mentioned in this section is the Franciscan friar named Juan de Santa María. His book is available via Google Books: Juan de Santa María (O.F.P.), Tratado de república y policía christiana para reyes y principes y para los que en el govierno tienen sus vezes (Barcelona: Sebastian de Cormellas, 1618). Available at

Blora region of Java, Indonesia

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